Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It Says So On the Keychain

I know that a good number of people out there have been faced with the pressing question, "should I date this complete stranger, or not?" I'm here to tell you how to figure it out. 

First, begin with a note-passing session with your bestie (see earlier post on how to get one of these). It's likely that she doesn't actually care about your mindless 'should-I-or-shouldn't-I' babble, but she'll dish out some prime advice anyway.

Note: click to enlarge for reading

Well, it seems as though since we skimmed right over the really important stuff - like what song the red head freckled boy I had never spoken to would sing to me - she wasn't all that interested. Somehow I had still determined that I liked this boy, despite the fact that he had 'asked out' my other friend the day before and she shut him down. 

Still, the internal debate was intense. I next consulted another friend who had a much better method. A pros and cons list, of course! I highly advise this as a second method of decision making.

The funny thing about this list is the fact that I haven't changed. I would still put points 4 and 5 on my cons list. Apparently I didn't include those as "valid" reasons though since they weren't checked and factored into the final count. Somehow I also didn't count "gets mad at people often" and "can be annoying" but decided to leave in "nice."

Now wasn't this friend (the "Lindsay" I referenced in the earlier note) just a peach? She made this nice list for me and even summed it up for me at the end in one helpful sentence: "Pretty even if you ask me!"

Anyway, as I'm sure you can guess from my warped tallying abilities, I decided to say yes - even though he didn't sing. 

However, he did give me this little gem for our One Week Anniversary!

So, if you're considering dating a stranger, just make sure you think it through first. Go through the necessary steps and you will find true love (it says so on the keychain).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Be a Best Friend

Please keep in mind as you read the following that this was an actual paper that was turned in and passed as acceptable writing in the 6th grade. Big shout out to my pal that wrote it about me and luckily gave me a copy, otherwise I wouldn't be the stellar friend I am today. 

Um... so here's what I learned:

1. There are different types of friends (determined by level of information sharing and the perception of others)
2. You can be anyone's friend, as long as you don't mind spending time together
3. You have to to have serious common interests, like boys and boy bands
4. Inside jokes are the cement to any good friendship, along with doing that whole being-around-each-other thing
5*. If you can write 1.25 pages about someone, they will likely be your friend for life

*Unfortunately, in this case we parted ways after I stopped liking Nich Lachey and wearing a cheer uniform to school on game days.